A viewer asked us to talk about beer glasses so we did. Beer glassware has a long history and in certain parts of the world, it’s an artform or, at least, a branding tool for a brewery. These Brew Dudes collected all of our beer glasses and put together a non-comprehensive review, since we don’t have every single beer glass style in existence. We do have many though and this video should give you a good idea about the style types and why they are the way they are.

A Beer Glass For Every Beer Style

First, we should get one thing out of the way. There’s a debate that beer glasses do not make a big difference in the experience in tasting a beer. Mike, being the scientist, believes that the shape of the glass absolutely makes a difference. Physics plays a part in how the beer is expressed in the glass and it will change the way you perceive it.

Me? Being the non-scientist, different beer glassware has been around for centuries. If the notion that different beer glasses make no difference in the presentation of beers is true, then we have all been duped for a long time. I find that hard to believe.

Beer Glasses Notes (Not In Video)

Rather than repeat what’s in the video, here’s some thoughts I had. You should totally watch the video, though. It has great information.

If you’re looking to build a beer glass collection, there’s some pillars of glassware that are paramount.

  1. Pint Glasses – Every collection should have at least 4 pint glasses. They can be American or British – it doesn’t matter to me which country you choose. These are your everyday glasses. They are versatile, sturdy, and easy to clean. Use them often.
  2. Tulip Glasses – Have some beer glasses with stems. There are styles that you want to savor. You may not want your hand to warm them up too fast. If you think they’re too fancy, get over it. Learn to appreciate the full spectrum of beers.
  3. Mugs – As much as I may have dissed mugs in the video, I like them. Get some big ones. Brew sessionable lagers and have a gathering where you can drink them by the liter. Pair the beer with some great food. Mugs are essential for this beer experience.

Lastly, you can buy some of these. They are hard to clean.

Some of my beer glass collection

Tell us your beer glass thoughts. Cheers and Brew on!