All right.  We’re looking for some information from the mead makers out there.

The Brew Dudes were at an annual wine tasting event last Saturday night.  There were some rumors that it was going to be changed to a Four Loko chugging event, but that didn’t pan out.

Mike brought some mead for tasting.  It was made by a commercial meadery and I do not recall the name.  Maybe Mike can chip in here…

The taste seemed in line with what a mead should taste like but the aroma was certainly lacking.  The description that Mike used was, “It smells like a fish that tucked into a dirty gym sock for 6 months.”

Is this a common issue with meads?   Granted, I haven’t had enough meads to know what the aroma should smell like but sniffing this mead was unpleasant.

Any information about mead aroma and what could have cause this issue is welcome.