Sometimes bad beer improves over time. We put this notion to the test with a couple of beers that we were not happy with the first time we tasted them. Did the hours and days help to improve these not-so-pleasant libations? Watch this video to find out!

Bad Beer Revisited

Take Two For Two Bad Beers

The first beer was dirty beer line pilsner. There was a thought that maybe with some further cold conditioning, the hefeweizen-like flavors would fall out and this beer would be more drinkable.

I think it was wishful thinking. The beer was still funky and worthy for the sink drain. We tried. Time was not on our side.

The second beer was my raw ale. I didn’t have any delusions about this one. My perspective was to understand what time would do to the beer, not necessarily hoping that basement temperatures would improve it.

You can see it oxidized some and the flavor was still pretty bad. I learned a lot from the comments posted on the original raw ale video that will guide me if I decide to brew this beer type again.

Time Can Be On Your Side

Just because we didn’t have good luck with these two beers getting better with some conditioning time doesn’t mean you won’t. We have had plenty of good luck with more time on the beers. So, don’t give up – but dump it if necessary.

Brew ON!