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Another BrewYear’s Resolution Post

Here are my BrewYear Resolutions:

1. Brew my first all grain batch.

2. Brew a lager beer.

3. Get more involved with online brewing community.

4. Finish reading How To Brew.

5. Work towards making Brew Dudes a good homebrewing resource.

Let’s check the list this time next year and see how I did.


BYO Magazine Homebrewing Profile


Spaten Optimator Clone


  1. Deacon

    I’m planning on stepping up to all grain next year as well, so I’ll be looking forward to reading about your experiences!

  2. DJ

    If you run into troubles, there are some great resources out there like the forum at NorthernBrewer or More Beer. I’d also recommending looking into Batch Sparge Brewing. It makes all grain brewing too easy! I’ve produced great beers using this method.

  3. Deacon,

    I will definitely post my all grain experiences here..good or bad.


    Thanks for the tip. I will check out the forums.

  4. MDC

    New to the brewing community. I’ve been brewing for around 4-5 months now using a Mr. Beer kit, but have quickly determined that I need to upgrade using 5 gallon recipes. I recently picked up my first copy of BYO, read your article, and came to visit your site. I am sure I will be visiting this site, and others, in the future for all the information i can gather to help me along.

  5. Hey MDC,

    Welcome! Hopefully we can provide a good resource for you here. If you have questions, please drop a comment. Happy brewing in 2008.

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