This is a simple wheat beer that I sort of viewed as a hybrid between a German and American wheat. I used German Pilsner malt and American wheat malt. The beer was bittered with the Tettnanger but I used just a little bit of the classic Cascade for that American aroma and flavor. The two hops varieties really came out nicely in these beer.
I went with an American Hefeweizen yeast because I wanted to tone down those strong clove and banana flavors in most German wheats. I fermented it a little on the cooler side of the range (68F) to help keep those Hefeweizen flavors in check.

Try this recipe out next summer, it was the best straight wheat I have ever had.

Anticipate OG 1.060
Batch Size 5.5 gallons
6lbs German Pilsner malt
4.5lbs American Wheat Malt
1.5lbs Munich Malt

0.75oz Tettnanger hop pellets (60min)
0.25oz Cascade hop pellets (20 min)

WLP320 American Hefewiezen

Extract version:

The trouble here is that I used Pilsner malt and wheat. Most wheat extracts at a 50/50 blend of pale malt and wheat. If you can find Pilsner extract (likely) and 100% wheat extract (hard but I know its out there) then you can sub in 4.5lbs Pilsner LME and 3.3lbs wheat LME (100%). If not, drop the Munich to 0.5lb and go with a start of just 9.5lbs of traditional 50/50 wheat LME. Remember this is a simple wheat beer so there is no need to be concerned over too much specialty malts.