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Amarillo Hops

With a shortage of brewing ingredients upon us, I thought I would take a look at an alternative to Cascade, the popular American hops.

Amarillo hops seem to be gaining wild popularity…to the point where some homebrewers are already over the hype.

Here is some information I have compiled around this hop variety:

Origin: America

Aroma: Citrus-like, More orange than grapefruit, floral

Alpha Acid: 8 – 11% (higher than Cascade)

Typical Usage: Most sources said it should be used as an aroma hop, but there were other sources that stated it could be used as a bittering or a flavor hop. I think it would be safe to say it could be used for multiple purposes.

Beer Styles: Looks like a good fit for Pale Ales and IPAs




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  1. If it really has an orangey character, maybe it can be used as a heavy flavoring hop in an American Wheat. That would be interesting too.

  2. Forrest

    I have heard good things about Amarillo Hops. I am eagerly awaiting when I brew my next IPA!!

  3. troy

    Can anyone help me with homebrewing a gluten free beer?? I have tasted one brewed from American Amarillo hops and was no doubt the best gluten free beer I have tasted.

  4. Hi Troy,

    BYO magazine had an article on this topic a while ago. Here it is:


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