What happens when you pour a homebrewed beer out of your tap that should taste clean and crisp and but it comes across more like a funky style? After you check to make sure if you’re pouring from the correct keg, you may come to the realization that your beer lines need to be cleaned. In this video, Mike reviews 5 Star North’s Beer Line Cleaning Kit to fix this homebrewed problem.

Dirty Beer Line Blues

So, to let you in behind the scenes a bit, this dirty beer line issue was an actual problem that affected our video production. These Brew Dudes were supposed to review Mike’s latest Pilsner last week but he told me that it wasn’t ready. Because of some unclean beer lines, his Pilsner was tasting more like a Saison or a Hefeweizen.

Coincidentally, our friends at 5 Star North sent a message to us stating that they have a beer line cleaning kit for us to try. It was like all the stars in the sky aligned and everything in the universe was in sync at one moment in time. Yes, I think that’s what happened. Anyway, the kit was sent to us right at Mike’s time of need so he used it right away.

You can see in the video that the kit comes in the nice package. The contents of the kit are well constructed. Even though there is an instruction manual, Mike understands how this kit is going to work from looking over all the parts. One piece, the ball lock adapter is 3-D printed, which he thought was cool.

Clearly, a benefit of this kit is that it eliminates the need to have a free keg to hold cleaning solution. With this kit, you can use it whenever you want and it’s small enough for easy storage. This convenience is a big plus for us.

Beer Line Cleaning Conclusion

As he demonstrates in the video, the kit is easy to put together and easy to use. The cleaning solution that comes with the kit dissolves easily in water and is effective in cleaning beer lines after soaking for 15 minutes. After using the kit, it appears his Pilsner tasted more like what he was expecting. I look forward to reviewing that beer next week!

Brew ON!