Another autumn season brings another Harvest Ale. We go with the second picking from the Chinook bines in the backyard this time around. A few years back, we got some really great citrus flavors out of the cones. With the all the rain we got over the summer, what would the flavor and aroma profile be this year? Check out our tasting video of the 2023 Harvest Ale with homegrown hops!

How did this edition come out?

2023 Harvest Ale Recipe

We create a different grain bill each year. This edition features Red Rye Crystal malt and the Chinook hops that stayed on the bines the longest.

This recipe for 5 US Gallons in keg

9 gallons Spring water – 5 grams of gypsum

10 pounds of Briess Pilsner Malt (4.54 kg – 95% of the bill)
.5 pound of Simpsons Red Rye Crystal Malt (239 g – 5% of the bill)

1.5 ounces (43 g) of Homegrown Chinook Hops – First Wort Hopping
1.5 ounces (43 g) of Homegrown Chinook Hops – 30 minutes to go in the boil
1.25 ounces (35 g) of Homegrown Chinook Hops – 2 minutes to go in the boil

1 packet of LalBrew Verdant IPA Dry Yeast

Mashed at 150 °F (66 °C) for 60 minutes
Boiled for 60 minutes
Fermented for 2 weeks at 65°F (18° C) 

Original Gravity: 1.054
Final Gravity: 1.012
ABV: 5.64%

The Tasting Notes

The Chinook hops expressed themselves like Northern Brewer hops. The total beer experience was more like a California Common rather than a highly hopped American Pale Ale. Mike thinks the beer’s herbal and woody notes were pleasant.

The hop editions drove a good aroma and a pleasant flavor throughout. The hops experience in this beer is undeniably fresh. We did feel that this beer has a certain difference from beers brewed with store-bought hops.

Let’s raise glass to the Red Rye Crystal malt too. It brings a great color and flavor at the five percent edition.

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