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2020 Harvest Ale Review

So I got my homegrown Chinook hops tested and now it was time to brew with them. You’d think I’d wait to get the results of the analysis first, but who has time for that? I was going to use my years of experience as guidance for this brew. Let’s see if we can pick up with those hops with 11.2% Alpha Acids:

Poured out of a U Keg

First, The Recipe

I really liked the grain bill for this one:

2020 Harvest Ale

10 pounds (4.5 kg) Maris Otter pale malt

1 pound (.45 kg) Blonde RoastOat™ Malt

1 pound (.45 kg)  Flaked Barley

2 ounces (57 grams) of Chinook hops – add before boil – First Wort Hopping

2 ounces (57 grams) of Chinook hops – added with 15 minutes left in boil

3 ounces (85 grams)  of Chinook hops – added at flameout

1 Whirlfloc tablet – added with 15 minutes left in boil

Fermented with 1 packet of US 05 yeast for 14 days at 72° F (22° C)

O.G: 1.056

F.G: 1.011

ABV: 5.9% 

Our Thoughts

Well, Mike really seemed to like this one. He was really getting a lot of complex flavors off of the hops. The beer was well balanced with the malt and the specialty grain providing a nice toasty background to the main piney citrus flavors of the hops.

Once the cameras stop rolling and we were wrapping up, Mike grabbed another pint. That’s the true indication that the beer was better than good.

Chinook hops are great. They may be my new favorite American “C” hop. I am happy that I have a strong producing hop plant in my back yard.



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  1. Adam

    Hey Dudes, great video. I don’t think you mentioned, but did you add these hops wet, as in whole/fresh from the bines? I’m thinking of planting a Chinook to go with my Cascades at home, but only have room for one more and wasn’t sure what variety to go with (mainly for IPAs). Your review is leaning me in the direction of Chinook tho. Thanks!

  2. Hi Adam – I dried all my hops for this particular brew and I totally support Chinook as the next variety for your home growing adventure. I have brewed with wet hops before – I don’t like the flavor as much as what I have brewed with dried hops.

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