The end of 2018 is closing in and we are in the mood to wrap things up. As we sit around and taste one of Mike’s stouts, we discuss some of the upcoming video posts we have in mind. Watch this video as we present our 2019 preview and the three big ideas we’re working to bring to you in the next few months.

What Are We Gonna Put Together For You

So the three big ideas are:

Mike’s 20th Anniversary of Home Brewing
This dude has been brewing since 1998. He got his first kit as a gift and brewed up a batch of American Amber Ale. To commemorate this wondrous occasion, we are going put together a back to basics video with some tips on how to brew your first extract kit at home. Maybe Mike can pass on his wisdom of how he would brew his first batch differently, knowing what he knows today.

Brewing The Same Beer The Same Way
We have done community brews before but always under the theme of giving freedom to the brewer. The recipe is to be used as a guide but modifications can be made. We got a suggestion from one of our viewer to do the opposite. In my brewing experience, I typically have a plan but deviations from it always happen – either intentionally or unintentionally. With this idea, we would plan and focus to brew the exact same beer. There will be more planning put towards it but ultimately we would be challenged to remove as many variables as possible to see if we can brew the same beer.

More Brut IPA tips
I brewed an all grain version of Northern Brewer’s Brut IPA that was a big improvement to the extract version I brewed earlier in the year. BYO magazine had a good article about the process and I tried a few different things to brew a better beer. We’ll taste it and talk about what I did and try to compare it to what I did last time.

Thanks For Your Support

Sometimes I wonder why we do what we do. We have a passion for it and feel like we have some things to share. It all makes sense when we see comments that state appreciation and provide thoughts of what to do next.

After 11+ years of blogging and posting weekly videos for 5 years, we want to thank you for your attention and time. You could be doing other things but we appreciate you reading this post and watching our little show.

Thanks and BREW ON!