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2013 Year In Review

On this last day of 2013, I am reflecting on what we did over the past twelve months as most people do. I know I had some Brew Year’s resolutions that I wanted to complete.

I (sorta) went 3 for 3 on them.

The site was redesigned and water chemistry was better understood and some new styles were brewed (Scottish Ale, Braggot, Black Lager, German Pilsner) but I did not get to brew any German ales like I had planned. I guess there is always next year.

I won a few awards for my brews which is always nice.  I did get a first place showing in the NERHBC for my Vienna Lager so I brewed it again for the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing that is happening in 2014.

We discussed the idea of starting a hombrew club which is definitely something we want to do in the new year.

The other thing that you helped me to decide was to buy a grain mill for my next big homebrewing purchase. I will be buying that fairly soon, within the first 2 months of the year, so stay tuned for information about that purchase.

The Brew Dudes also ramped up our video production. We put out a video every Wednesday this year which was a worthy challenge. I will have to look at the numbers but I think our subscriber count grew fairly dramatically over the past 12 months. Without peeking, I think we are over 150 subscribers. That’s better than the 30 or so we had when we started the year. Good times.

I’ll finish this post up by thanking you for reading and visiting the site when you could. We appreciate your time and hope you have enjoyed what we have put out there.

Let us know how your 2013 was by leaving a comment below!

Did you get better at brewing?

Did you learn something about brewing beer at home that you would like to share?

Do you want to ask Mike about his Yule lager?

Leave a comment below!

Cheers to you and yours – Brew on.


Happy Holidays


Happy New Years 2014


  1. 1. Did you get better at brewing?
    a. I most definitely did. Was my most prolific year too!
    2. Did you learn something about brewing beer at home that you would like to share?
    a. Always keep your wife happy. This will make your brew days WAY more enjoyable.
    3. Do you want to ask Mike about his Yule lager?
    a. Go ahead and explain the Yule!

    Always interested in reading about brewing. Thanks for the articles!

  2. Thanks Adam for the comment. I think we will have a Yule Lager tasting later on this year.

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