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2011 NERHBC Entries

The New England Regional Homebrew Competition is coming up on October 29th.  I think between the two of us, Mike and I have 8 beers to submit. 

I think that’s a good number.  I guess the goal is to submit beers to every category.  Until then, I think increasing the number year over year is good progress.

This year they are accepting two bottle per beer entry.  I set at least three 12 ounce bottles aside for the competition so it might be good to drink along when I get the scoresheets back.

Submissions are due on the 14th by 5PM at one of the dropoff locations or to the mailing address.

Good luck to all.  Brew on.


First Time Mead Making


Best Cider Yeast


  1. Matt

    Only 8 between 2 people? I submitted 7 on my own. 😉

  2. chris

    Good luck. The most I have ever submitted is three. Somehow the job, children and my 130 year old house keep getting in the way of brewing more than that.

  3. Yeah – with three kids 5 and under between the two of us, I am happy with this years total. Brew on.

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