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2008 Samuel Adams LongShot Homebrewing Competition

For dudes growing up in the Boston area (like us), this contest is special. I think everyone who brews their own at home should submit something. There’s no entry fee and you gotta like the prizes if you win.

Sam Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest

For complete details, go to the site…but some interesting notes include:

You have to send four bottles (between 10 and 14 ozs in volume) for each entry…and you have to keep three bottles of the same batch of beer in case you make the semi-finals…which they may need for lab analysis. Cool.

They are accepting entries starting on April 15 through May 1. So, you have some time to formulate recipes and get a brew together for submission.

As Mike would say, “Brew On!”


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  1. Now we just need to pick a couple styles and get brewing!
    BREW ON!

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