Priming Sugar Experiment Results

If you have been following Brew-Dudes for the past few weeks, you know that as a part of the Brown Porter brew session, we threw in an experiment at bottling.  We had a bag of KreamyX and we wanted to see if it did what it said it would do: increase head formation and retention.

At bottling, we split the 5 gallon batch equally into two bottling buckets.  One had a priming solution made with corn sugar, the other was made with KreamyX.   We bottled as usual and we waited.   Both sets of bottles were placed in the same area for priming.  We tried our hardest to keep everything the same except for the priming solution.

Last night, two bottles were opened up and the contents were placed side by side:

KreamyX vs Corn Sugar - First Sip

KreamyX vs Corn Sugar - First Sip Overhead

KreamyX vs Corn Sugar - Second Sip

KreamyX vs Corn Sugar - Second Sip Overhead

Well, I don’t know what your take is from the photos above but it appears to me that KreamyX produced a fuller head that lasted longer.  The beer with the corn sugar as a priming solution had a nice head too, but the KreamyX outperformed it.