This week, we taste a SMaSH beer brewed with 2-row American pale malt and Polaris hops. I have been wanted to brew with this variety for a long time. In the current era of social distancing, we finally got a chance. Here’s our profile of German Polaris hops:

What Do Polaris Hops Taste Like?

Aw, man. I thought these would be more minty than they were. What we got was a lot of citrus pith and spice. I got some menthol-like flavors and aromas.

There was a part of me that thought Polaris hops would work well in chocolate stout to give a minty aftertaste. I don’t think we will be brewing something like that any time soon. These hops would work better in a lager. They had more clean bitterness qualities like other German hops.

If you have experience with these hops, let us know.