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Irish Red Ale Ingredients

Starting up a brew log for the next session. This time around, I’m brewing up the Irish Red Ale based on the extract recipe that I posted last week.
I bought my supplies from Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies. I had some money sitting in my PayPal account because of some weird returning of merchandise refund.
Sorry you didn’t like the gift but refunds = money for brewing.
So, I found out that Midwest accepts Paypal so I went to their site and put in an order for my specialty grains, my yeast , and some malt extract.
I didn’t have a big enough refund for the whole lot so I will go to my LHBS and pick up the rest.
I am probably going to mess around with the recipe a bit. Not sure about how much roasted malt to use. I am trying to get that nice red color and I am hoping I can learn the trick with this first attempt.

Not likely, but I can try.


Irish Red Ale Recipes


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  1. JW


    The recipe you posted (on 3/12) looks good – its very similar to an Irish Red extract batch I did last year, which went on to do well in competition. The color will likely come out as a deep, almost garnet red – very similar to the color of Smithwick’s.

    Keep us in the loop as things progress.


  2. The recipe looks good, although I always wonder what I’d do with left over 1/2 ounce bags of hops! I tend to structure my recipes to use whole ounces. Maybe I have a little too much Monk in me.

  3. Thanks JW.

    GregK – I actually have a 1/2 ounce left from the hops I used in my last brew. That’s why I have it in this recipe so I can use them up.

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