Honey Malt

Here’s my profile for Honey Malt. This malt is made by the Gambrinus Malting Corporation and it’s their name for a unique, highly kilned German malt called brumalt. Some non-North American versions of this malt (Gambrinus Malting is based in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada) are Weissheimer Bruhmalz and Weyermann Melanoidin.

It looks a lot like caramel malt but it’s processed in a way so that there is no roasty/astringency (that is sometimes associated with caramel malt’s flavor profile). The process involves restricting the oxygen flow during the sprouting process and this develops sugars and rich malt flavors that makes the malt taste the way it does.

Flavor: Intense malt sweetness with hint of a honey like flavor. Lacks caramel malt’s sharp bite.

Color: 20-30 °L

Body: It gives your beer a smooth, honey-like texture.

Use: Most sources said “specialty beers” which to me means “pushing the envelope” beers. More typical suggested styles included: Brown ales, summer-style pale ales, and belgians.

Honey Malt