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I get a few email alerts a day around the topic of homebrewing.  For the most part, these emails contain posts or news articles about homebrewing beer, but sometimes they are written around electronics/software.  PlayStation Portable homebrew is, seemingly, a big deal.

Lately, I have been seeing articles about homebrewing fuel.

With the current economic climate, are people going to start to make more things for themselves?

Will making things by yourself for yourself become more of a necessity?

Are homebrewers of beer ahead of the game since we have the experience in learning and refining a small scale manufacturing practice?

I can foresee a future where more people are growing their own food, making their fuel, and brewing their own beer…and possible creating their own video games.

I don’t see this future as bleak.


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  1. Aaron

    There’s not enough land left on earth for us all to grow our own food, not without some kind of catastrophe that eliminates people AND leaves the land unharmed.

    Still, I like doing as much for myself as I can. I think I’m going to start making my own soda, which is probably a bad idea since I don’t drink soda now, but if I make my own, I’ll probably start.

    This hobby is dangerous.

  2. We need to figure out the whole beer can and Mr. Fusion thing…

  3. Bob

    Becoming self sufficient, in theory, sounds like a prudent, if not at least noble undertaking. In reality, how-ever, crafting home products, or raising food, in very many instances is not economical. If you consider the time and resources required to grow vegitables alone, you may find that shopping the sales at the grocery or produce stands is more economical. Forget growing beef. Making cheese, brewing beer or vinting wine all carry a certain romance, and to be sure it’s very satisfying and a lot of fun, but if money became tight enough, buying a bottle of two buck chuck, or a six pack of Falstaff would be more sensible. The reason we brew is not to save money at the liquer store to be sure. A hundred years ago self sufficiency was a means of survival. In modern times a good number of farmers in the corn belt can’t even sustain their families.

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