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Democracy’s Drink

The Brew Dudes just signed up on a social network called Democracy’s Drink. It’s a network on the Ning platform that is geared towards people who celebrate beer.

We put up our Brew Dudes profile and customized it a little bit. I’m not one for pretty design, so it still needs some work.

Maybe I will put up some scrolling text or something?


Anyway, check out Democracy’s Drink. There’s more information about the site on Rich’s MySpace blog.

Hope to see you there.

Democracy’s Drink



Brown Malt


Secondary Fermentation


  1. Kevin

    The course of human history reached it’s zenith with the advent of the tag. At that moment the gathered wave of human progress crested and began its inevitable retreat down the rocky shoals of time leaving all of us reminisce about a time when there was as-yet untapped potential in this human endeavor and to inquire of each other wistfully: “Remember when?”

  2. Kevin

    That’s the “marquis” tag. Your service provider wisely treats this tag — when rendered in tag form — like the name of the lord in judaism: as something never to be uttered. So shalom brew dudes!

  3. Yeah..

    I think I may need to take that down. I think it may cause seizures like the new Gnarls Barkley video.

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