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Random Notes December 2012

Just some random notes for the last month of 2012:

  • I am not sure it was a goal for this year but my fermentation equipment is maxed out.  I have one clean carboy for a future racking but all the others are filled with something that is conditioning.  It’s a good feeling.
  • Oak spirals float.  I am probably doing it wrong.  I have read that people hang them in carboys using unflavored dental floss but I didn’t want to do the work.  I just threw that spiral (and a half) into my New England hard cider.  At first, they were lying under the surface but now they are floating on the top like logs.  Jeez.  I have been gently agitating the carboy every few days to roll them to their opposite side.  The manufacturer claims in their FAQs that they do not float but here they are a week later chilling out at the top of my carboy.
  • We set aside some time to record some videos for the blog.  Watch out.  Moving pictures of us will be posted soon.  Have a bottle of Pepto ready.
  • We were sent a Pub Trivia game made by University Games a few weeks ago.  If you like trivia games that they have in bars, you will like this game.  It is structured the same way as team trivia games are played in pubs.  There was a good mix of tough and easy questions.  Check it out.
  • We were sent a 12 oz bottle to use from Freund Container and Supply. It appeared to be as good as any other amber glass bottle I have used to bottle beer.  You can check out their selection and prices here. They also gave us a discount code to share with our readers – WOW10OFF – that can be entered at checkout for 10% off $100 or more on glass bottles.
  •  I have some time off at the end of the year.  My plan is to redesign the blog so maybe in 2013, Brew-Dudes will have a new look and feel.


Bulk Hops from Nikobrew


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  1. Nathan

    That freud container place is horribly expensive. I just looked. Jesus. Everything is WAY more than anywhere else.

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