Phoenix Hops

As Mike mentioned in his post about the lack of a hops shortage at the Modern Brewer (Cambridge, MA), Phoenix hops were available for purchase there. This variety seems pretty new since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information online about it. So, I pulled together what I could from sites and I did some research offline too. Yes, information does live offline.

Origin: UK – specifically Wye College in Kent.

Aroma: Many sources did not have a description for Phoenix hops aroma. One said it had a pleasant English aroma. Other sources stated this variety is similar to UK Challenger, which has a mild to moderate aroma but quite spicy.

Alpha Acid: There were some discrepancies in the alpha acid levels. Some claim it has a range of 4.2 to 5.5%; others claim it was higher (9 – 13%). From the descriptions I read, I would say that the alpha acids were in the higher ranges

Typical Usage: Because it was bred as a replacement for Challenger (it is early-ripening and wilt resistant), it is a true dual purpose hop with bittering and aroma properties although a source claimed that “late hop additions for aroma have tended to be disappointing with only very mellow aromas coming through”.

Beer Styles: English Ales including porters, stouts, ESBs, and bitters.



  1. says

    Good for English style Ales!!!???
    Crap I should have bought some. I’ll have to make a single hop pale ale and see what they are like.

  2. Corey says

    Last night a buddy of mine and I brewed up his fist ever batch. Phoenix was the only bittering hop that was available. I have never brewed with them before so it will be interresting to see the outcome. For flavoring and aroma we used Willamette. We will see.

  3. pat says

    we have used it in a few batches and itsa really nice actually. the phoenix we used was 13% AA and didn’t have the strongest flavor, but was very pleasant. For aroma we dry hopped with saaz so oue brew came out really nice

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