Some plans just don’t go as planned. This Helles style lager I made with all American ingredients just didn’t really work out. Check it out.

Short story on this one. I wanted to brew up a Helles style lager with some American grain and hops. I use the San Fransisco Lager yeast because I reportedly can ferment like a lager while somewhat on the warm side (low 60s). While summer was coming it was still cool enough in my basement to pull this off with a swamp cooler and a couple frozen water bottles cycled in and out…or so I thought.

Then the heat came here in New England. With it the humidity too. And it never really left. I tried to regulate the temp with the swamp cooler but between work and running around it just got away from me. The first few days were at 62F, but the it creeped to 65F then later 70F. I was afraid to chill it too much at that point in fear the yeast would drop out so I just let it go.

This beer is mildly OK. Its not terrible but the drinkability score is low. Lesson learned I guess is that I need to reinvest in some temperature control. (I have a dead chest freezer that I might mount a window AC unit in.) I am still waiting for this heat to break to get back into the brewing swing of things. I have a Pale Ale in the basement that I fear is going to suffer the same fate of high temps and no control.

Live and learn brewers, live and learn.