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LongShot Submission

Last night, I got my stuff together for the Sam Adams LongShot submission. I followed the instructions that they emailed me including printing out the labels and attaching them to each bottle using a rubber band. I took a few pictures of the bottles and the traveling case I am using for transport:

Contest Bottles              Contest Case

So if you see a guy on the subways of Boston with a case like this, he may not have a laptop in it…

I am submitting the APA that I just brewed along with the Maple Porter I made late last year.  I am going to be dropping them off at the brewery today.

Now I don’t have any delusions that I am going to win or even do well in this competition…just interested in the whole process.
I have learned that life is about experiences and trying things like this blog…so let’s see what happens.


Bottling Lager


Sterling Hops


  1. You’re brave.

    Good luck.

    Try not to drink any on the subway.

  2. It was tempting. I brought them into work first and went there on my lunch break. I wanted to drink one in my office…but I didn’t bring any extra.

    When I got to the brewery, the guy who is featured in their television commercials with the long beard greeted me. Not sure if those are national spots, but I told my wife about him and she was impressed.

  3. I’ve seen him in commercials airing in Minnesota. So, it probably is national. At least I know who you are talking about.

  4. Awesome! Good luck! My goal is to be good enough some day to enter, but alas, I’m still a novice…

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