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LongShot Competition Results

So I finally got the results of my Sam Adams LongShot entries. I got the package yesterday and I was happy with the reviews for the most part. I took a few photos of the review sheets:

Longshot Letter  Longshot Maple Porter Review  Longshot Maple Porter Review 2

The first photo is the letter from Jim Koch. 

The second photo is the high level score for the Maple Porter that I entered into the specialty beer category.

The third photo is an actual judgment sheet of the Maple Porter.

Overall, this beer got an ok score.  I received comments that other people who tasted the beer said.  There needs to be more Porter in my Maple Porter.

I will post the APA sheets next along with my thoughts about the whole experience.  Stay tuned. 

Check out my post about my Longshot competition submission.


Baltic Porter Style Profile


Beer Judging Score Sheets


  1. Aaron

    Congratulations… maybe next year I’ll have a beer I’m proud enough of to want to enter it into this… somehow I doubt it, though.

  2. I think you should submit something no matter what you feel about it. I had no delusions of winning it all. I wanted the experience.

    Submit something next year. Worst thing you get out of it is some notes on how to make your beer better.

  3. Aaron

    Hmm… if the deadlines are the same next year, I’d have to have it ready by May 2009… I can probably get a few batches done before then, so maybe I will!

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