Chocolate Malt

The focus of this malt profile post is on Chocolate malt. This dark malt variety is named more for its chocolate-like color than a chocolate taste. Chocolate malt is one of my favorite specialty malts and it is my pleasure to present this post.

Flavor: Most sources state this malt imparts rich roasted and nutty flavors to a beer. Many said no chocolate flavors are present although one stated that a bitter chocolate flavor could be detected.

Color: 300 to 450 SRM. UK versions are darker than US versions. Dark ruby/brown colors are seen in the finished beer.

Body: Adds body to beer through the unfermentable sugars present in the malt.

Use: This malt is a key to making great porters and stouts. This malt would work in brown ales too.

Chocolate malt is not to be confused with chocolate malt milkshakes…although those are good too.

Chocolate Malt

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