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Brew Dudes Homebrew Swap – Exchange #35

Jeff from Colorado from The Lucid Buddha Brewery sent us two beers. One of them was a Blood Orange IPA and the other was a Chocolate Raspberry Brown Ale Winter Warmer. See what we had to say about both of them:

Our Thoughts

Blood Orange IPA: What a great blend of fruity hops and the strong, sticky aroma and flavor from 10 pounds of blood oranges. The Mosiac and Citra hops were present and played nice with the beer. That aroma was so powerful.

Chocolate Raspberry Brown Ale Winter Warmer: Outside of cherry, chocolate doesn’t pair better with any other fruit than raspberry. I think the chocolate/cherry combo is harder to showcase in beer but the raspberry flavor easier to express in the final flavor. It was a very nice brown ale with a fruit addition.

Brew ON!


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