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American Brown Ale Brew Day

I finally am getting around to my first brew session of 2011, and the first session at my new house.  I decided to make a Brown Ale in an effort to continue to coax the winter out of my bones.  My primary goal in 2011 is to learn as much as I can about my favorite brewing ingredients while making some good beer to drink.  With this batch I plan to split it and ferment on two yeasts.  I am making a 6.5 gallon batch and I’ll be splitting the batch into two 3 gallon ferments.  I’m going to pitch California Ale WLP001 and English Ale WLP002.  I want to really experience the classic fruity ester difference against the neutral ale yeast character of the California Ale yeast. Stay tuned for the recipe and some pictures of the brew day.


Oktoberfest Ingredients Ordered


American Brown Ale Recipe


  1. Keith

    Sounds like a good side-by-side but I must admit I nearly shed a tear at the thought of this being your first batch of the year!

  2. I agree with Keith. I don’t get to brew very often any more, but my first batch of the year was brewed on New Year’s day. Actually, it was a split batch, so I’m going to call it two batches. Get with the program– It’s almost May, “dude”!

  3. I hear you guys!!! I am ashamed of the late start. But I will make up for it before the year is out. We moved houses in late January and my new garage has been completely filled with stuff. I finally just said screw it! I don’t need the perfect setup to brew just a place to brew. I have the kettle and mash tun setup and then I realized I didn’t even know where the nearest tap was to fill from and use for chilling.
    Hopefully the beer is bubbling away when I get home tonight.
    Maybe I’ll brew a “Late to the Party” IPA next.

  4. Jason

    That is a pretty good idea to split and use two different yeast. You can really tell what the difference each yeast makes to the brew.

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