When I started this process of transitioning to kegging from bottling my home brewed beer, I still feared the unknown.

I still wondered if I would like the kegging process better than the bottling process (hard to believe, right?).

I still wondered if parting with that much cash to support my hobby was justifiable.

Watch this video to see these Brew Dudes put the finishing touches on my kegging system and pour some glorious home brewed beer for us to enjoy.

Some thoughts on the final steps to getting your keg and draft system set up:

Once you get the hang of attaching your fittings to your tubing, your tap hose is easy to assemble, although it did take some effort getting the barbed fittings into the 3/16th wide tubing.

Hot tip for this part of the project: Run both ends under hot water for a while to make the PVC easier to work with.

I used a hose clamp for the connection to the keg but didn’t use one for the tap head. I have not had any leak problems yet.

Overall Thoughts on Transitioning to Kegging

For most things in life, the phrase “Just Do It!” applies more often than not.
Kegging your beer looks more difficult than it really is. Now, I had the benefit of learning from some dude who has been kegging it for a lot longer than I have. Frankly, having Mike help me out pushed me to get this transition done faster. So if you’re lucky enough to have a kegging mentor in your life, use that person to get over any hesitiation or mental roadblocks that you may have to get you to the promised land.

If you don’t have a homebrew kegging mentor, these posts and videos are here for you to learn and gain confidence to keg at home. ┬áPlease use them and pass them along to people who need help with kegging.

I can tell you now that I have the ability of pouring a glass of beer whenever I want in whatever quantity I want (5 gallons or under), it has recharged me and has given me a new perspective on the hobby.

I do highly recommend it and look forward to more of you kegging your beer. ┬áThe next brew I keg should be a much quicker process and I will probably appreciate the fact that I don’t have to do all that prep for bottling.