Toasting malt is a way for homebrewers to add different flavors to their beers.  Who knows – maybe with the right timing and techniques, you could create your own unique beer. 

John Palmer’s How to Brew book has a good chart to describe how to toast your own malt.  Here are some tips:

  • Toasting malt can be done right in your kitchen’s oven
  • Base malts should be used for toasting
  • You can toast malt right out of the bag (dry) or you can toast it wet (soaked in water for an hour)
  • Toasting malt that is dry will create different flavors than toasting malt that is wet
  • Weigh out malt first, and then pour the malt onto a cookie sheet so there is one, even layer of malt
  • Outside of soaking your malt, time and temperature in the oven will have the biggest effects on the flavor of your malt
  • For a guide for time and temperatures, check out this page on the How To Brew site
  • Give yourself a lot of lead time to toast your malt before you brew.  It’s recommended your store your toasted malt in a paper bag for 2 weeks before brewing to mellow out the flavors.

If anyone has any other tips or has had success toasting their own malt, please leave a comment below.

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