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How Not To Start A Homebrew Club

So we did kick off our homebrew club on Saturday to golf claps. A few of the people were able to make it out and we did watch Mike brew a saison. We ignored the #BigBrew suggested recipes and Mike just brewed something he wanted. We were living the homebrew spirit. No rules, right?

I had a few items on the agenda but we didn’t get to all of them. One of the items was naming the club. All the famous ones have great punny names. I just can’t be bothered. I would rather call it TBD* brew club than to name it anything witty.

I did give some tasks away to one of our new members to figure out. One of those things was to find a place where we could meet regularly. We could rotate homes for the short term, but we will probably need to find a place that can handle a large group as we grow. So he is already starting to think about a neutral site to hold meetings.

The second thing was to think about a website for the club which doesn’t need to be complex at all. At first, it just needs to be a few pages with information about the club and how to join. So, we will need a platform to build a site that has the ability to grow.

So, we got things moving and that’s one thing to be positive about if I am to be the positive guy. I think with clubs, you need to have the project manager keeping the thing rolling. To get the organization going, you need to have someone keeping the idea top of mind and pushing the members towards the goal.

You need that force in a group. People need to know what is expected of them and what their role is. It’s going to be slow going, I think, but I am a tenacious guy and we’ll see this through.

If you have tips on not only getting homebrew clubs off the ground, but any club or organization started, please let me know. Help is always appreciated.

Brew On.


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  1. We started an informal one too, rather informal as that’s just who we are. Figured since the wives have their book club, we would have our beer club. First rule of beer club…. never talk about beer club. Second rule about beer club…..

    Happy brewing

  2. Joe Dauria

    Pretty sure you guys are in Boston area, so disregard if not. We just started a new homebrew club ourselves on the South Shore. One of the workers at South Shore Homebrew Emporium organized the start-up. Not a bad start, 16-18 people at first meeting with a good mix of experienced and newer brewers, 25 potential members on the contact list already and we are meeting again next week to vote on officers and names and already planning a summer party. So so far so good!

    But you are right, everyone including myself are trying to come up with funny/inside joke names. Since the shop is allowing us to use their space for the club and the manager is part of the South Shore Homebrew Club in Mansfield (how that is South Shore beats me!) we have to keep South Shore out of name.

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