Mike has had these stainless steel bucket fermentors for a few months now. They have been sitting in the background of videos as eye candy. Viewers of our YouTube channel left comments and asked if we could review them. Since they do more than just sit and look pretty, here is Mike’s Ss Brew Tech Brew Bucket Review!

Ss Brew Bucket Features

The first feature of the Brew Bucket is that it is made of stainless steel but has the same shape and form of a plastic brew bucket fermentor. As you probably know, there are many benefits to stainless steel over plastic.

  • It is more durable
  • Easier to clean and sanitize
  • Is less permeable to air

The second big feature is that the bottom is cone shaped. Other buckets have a flat bottom. The benefits of the cone is that all the trub and yeast settles down into it so you are left with less into the vessel you transfer the beer into (keg, bottle, another fermentor, etc.)

The next feature is the racking arm inside the bucket. From the outside, you can turn a value that moves the racking arm from pointing to the bottom of the bucket to the side. Therefore, you get less sediment in the transfer and you don’t have to open the bucket to do it.

Attached to the racking arm is a barb that sits on the outside of it. It makes for easy transfers. Mike doesn’t have to mess with auto siphons anymore. All he does now is cleans and sanitizes 3/8th of an inch tubing, which fits right onto the barb, opens up the valve, and the beer starts flowing.

Another feature is the bucket top. It seals firmly using easy catch latches. The top clamps down and you get that satisfying feeling that the seal is good.

The top has an opening for a standard rubber stopper and airlock so there is no need to buy a special one.

For easy movement, there are handles welded to the sides of the bucket. No longer do you need to navigate your airlock with a handle that goes over your bucket’s top. It’s nice to no longer have to worry about that.

Lastly, the bucket is made so that you can stack other Ss Brew Buckets on top of them. It’s a great space saver if you have multiple brews going on at once.

Final Thoughts

The bucket that Mike has is the 7 gallon bucket. For his batch size (6 US gallons in the fermentor), he has never had any issues with blow off. The size is good for him.

With all these great benefits and features, the one not so great aspect to the bucket is the price tag.

Compared to other buckets, they are expensive. They retail for around $200. Mike saved up to buy his because he wanted to make that investment. His goal is to get his brewing process to have as much stainless steel as possible and he feels he has made a good decision with the Ss Brew Buckets.

If you make the purchase, tell Brewtech that these Brew Dudes sent ya.