Smoked Malt

I originally wrote this post back in November of 2007.  I was wondering about smoking malt and if anyone had done it.  Alas and alack, it didn’t seem that anyone had.

I am reviving this subject to add more information about this type of malt and to ask the question again.  Here’s the profile for smoked malt also known as Rauchmalz:

This type of malt was made historically by taking malted barley and drying out over open flame, rather than the sun’s rays.

The town of Bamburg in Germany is well known for making smoked beers, although they are now made all over the world.

Flavor: Smoky

Color: 2.5  to 5°L – Light in color…

Body: I don’t think it adds body to your beer…it’s all about the smoke!

Use: Certainly in Rauchbiers and other smoked beer varieties like a smoked Porter or brown ale. Although Scottish ales have a smoky quality to them, it is frowned upon stylistically to impart that smokiness through smoked malt.

Now for my question:

I saw a recipe for a smoked porter.  It called for smoked malt (Rauchmalz) or that you could smoke your entire grist to get the same effect.  The question is:  Have you ever smoked malt?

Leave a comment and we will get this discussion going.  I would like to know any techniques or tips to smoke my own malt.