Simple Hefeweizen Recipe

Summer is on the way and its time to start thinking about your favorite thirst quencher.
In the summer, wheat beers are probably one of the most popular brews to start with. Some other summer brews include Cream Ale, Lawnmower Beer, and Summer Ale.

This recipe is about as easy as it gets. The beauty of doing a good wheat is that quality results lie in your process, not so much in your recipe.

All the experts agree that fermenting your Weizen at 62F to 65F degrees gives you the best ratio of banana to clove and keeps a lot of the harsher phenols and alcohols under control. Be sure to pitch a large enough and healthy starter with this one. Don’t skimp on the aeration or oxygenation as well.

Here is my basic wheat to get you started:

Batch size: 5 gallons
O.G.: 1.049
IBUs: 12-14

6.6lbs LME Wheat extract
0.85 oz Tettnager hop pellets (4.5%AA), 60 minute addition
WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale yeast

Boil the hops with the extract for 60 minutes. Chill quickly to pitching temps and add yeast starter. This beer should ferment out rather quickly and be ready for the bottle within 10-12 days if your yeast was fresh.

You can go from brewing to drinking with this one in about 3 weeks.

For variation, you can steep in some light crystal malts, or some American Victory malt if you want a more complex malt character. I’d suggest you stick with the base recipe, at least for a first pass to see how the flavors evolve. The key difference in this beer brewer to brewer will be the brand of Wheat LME you purchase, they all have different color ratings, and different wheat to base malt ratios. So maybe some experimentation will be needed with different brands if the beer isn’t exactly what you are looking for.

Remember that even though the recipe is simple, be vigilant with your fermentation process to get the right flavor profile.

Brew on!

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