Scottish Heavy 70 Shilling Ale Recipe

After a summer or so of brewing German styles, I think it’s time to move on to Scottish ales. The Scottish Heavy or 70 Shilling or 70/- ale will be a good starting point for me.

This is a simple recipe with an added component to the brew day. Following an all grain procedure, I will boil the first gallon of runnings off of the mash for an hour and then add the rest of the first runnings/sparge to make a full boil for a 5 gallon batch size.


8 pounds of Maris Otter malt
2.5 ounces Roasted Barley
.75 East Kent Goldings Hops – full wort boil for 60 minutes
Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale


Mash at 154°F. Drain first gallon of runnings from mash and boil for one hour in kettle. Near the end of the boil, add remaining runnings to the boil. Sparge until you get 6.5 gallons for another 60 minute boil. Add hops when the wort comes to a boil again. Chill to 65°F and ferment at that temperature for two weeks. Bottle/keg and let age for a month before serving.

Projected Results:

Original Gravity: 1.038
Terminal Gravity: 1.012
Color: 13.23 °SRM
Bitterness: 17.5 IBUs
Alcohol (%volume): 3.3 %

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