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Scottish 60/- Update

I tasted the 60/- the other night. It’s fully carbed in the keg. Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty thin and lifeless. I didn’t achieve a good enough carmalization with the drawn off portion. I’ll still submit it to the NE regional comp, just to see if my assessment jives with other judges.

Next time I brew it I think I will substitute some of the roasted barely with chocolate malt and black patent and some crystal 80L. I think that will hedge my bet of getting some more dynamic flavors. I’ll also not rush the caramelization step. I know I rushed it this time.

On the last run I drew off 1 gallon of wort and reduced it to half a gallon. I know now that I will likely need to reduce it to a 1/3rd or even a 1/4 gallon to get good caramelization. I’ll have to extend the total boil time to 120 minutes too I think.

Just some thoughts to improve the brew for next time.

Comment if you have had similar experiences or have advice to lend.

Brew on!


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  1. I thought you were going to put up a picture of the Charles River and say it tasted like it?

  2. Ooof!
    Well it did taste like pond water! But popular brewing circles suggest that 60/- often tastes watery and lifeless at first. I was going to pour it out the night I tasted it post fermentation, but John said “No!” So I waited it out and it has gotten a little better. We’ll see how it does with more time.

    “Charles River/-“

  3. Scuba Steve

    What was the outcome of the 60??? I just brewed a batch last night. I’m not expecting great results since this is my very first 5 gal batch.

  4. Scuba Steve –

    I am pretty sure this turned out great. Mike let it age a bit and the caramel flavors were there. I think he thanked me for not letting him pour it out.

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