We have that Pico Pro from PicoBrew, which is fun and interesting to brew with. As a part of the initial delivery, we got two PicoPaks. The first was a Pliny the Elder clone and the other was this one that we tasted this week.

If you are into big stouts or just want to know about the quality of beer brewed on this system, this brew review is for you. Check out our Elysian Dragonstooth Stout Clone tasting video!

Can’t Get That Beer Here

As beer lovers from the East Coast of the USA, and beer distribution in this country being the way it is, we don’t get the chance to taste many beers from the West Coast unless we get on a plane and fly 3,000+ miles. For example, we have never had any of the beers brewed by the Elysian Brewing Company (based out of Seattle, Washington) because they are not available in our local craft beer store.

With clone homebrew recipes and certainly brewing a pak on the Pico Brew, it gives us a chance to experience these beers that we don’t have exposure to due to our home location. The only real issue for a review like the one we’re posting here is that we can’t really compare what we homebrewed to the commercially available beer. Of course, small issues like this one never stopped in the past so we’ll discuss this clone based on its own merits.

Dragonstooth Stout Tasting Notes

Appearance: Rocky, brown head. Opaque. No highlights at all.
Aroma: Warm baked bread with strong notes of cocoa. No hop presence. No strong roast character. Lots of sweet malt and chocolate.
Flavor: Molten baking chocolate! Great malt backbone, with nice bready and biscuit taste. Not overly roasty. Coffee and dark roast in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Really chewy and full.
Overall Impression: What a great stout. Super smooth and one to emulate in your own homebrew recipes.

We were very happy about this beer. It was easy to drink and we were happy with the performance of the PicoBrew on this beer.

Brew On!