This week we explore the magical world of yeast transformation and bioengineering!!! Thanks to the good folks at The-Odin who sent us one of their very cool kits, we will soon be enjoying green fluorescent yeast!!!

So these kits are made for the purpose of demonstrating how easy it is to engineer new genetic variants into yeast. (The Odin also makes a line of products for bacterial transformation as well.)

Taking a quick look through the kit it seems very well thought out. Our kit normally costs in the $150-$200 dollar range. It comes with a supply of snap cap mini-centrifuge tubes, a tube rack, culture bottle, innoculation loops, cell spreader, a blue light (for visualizing your fluorescent clones), petri dishes and the GFP vector and streaked out Saison yeast.

Its a tidy and very well through our kit. It even includeds a micro pipet which will come in handy for doing more yeast counting in the future if I ever pick up a microscope!

The instructions are very straight forward and easy to figure out. I look forward to giving the kit a try. We will post a video of the process and the results soon!

In the meantime, a very big thanks to the fine people at The-Odin!!! Get yourself a kit today and let us know how it worked for you!!