Oat Malt

I was looking through my Northern Brewer catalog and found Oat Malt. It appears to be a pretty rare malt. Along with Wheat Malt, it is an interesting alternative to the actual non-malted grain as an addition to your beer recipe. I did some research into this malt but I also wanted to get more information from our readers.

Flavor: Not much information about the flavor. I am guessing it adds more to the mouthfeel of the beer which is sorta slick, sorta creamy.
Color: 4° L – I don’t think it adds much color.
Body: Northern Brewer described the warmth that Oat Malt adds to a beer. It’s got to be similar to the feel of oatmeal.
Use: It’s got to be great for Oatmeal Stouts. Probably good for robust porters and ambers.

So what say you? When you brew recipes that call for oats, would you rather brew with oats or oat malt?

Does anyone have experience in brewing with oat malt?

Pleas leave a comment. Thanks!