Every once in a while we get equipment to review. This time around, we got a fridge.

It’s a pretty cool fridge. Pun intended.

The peeps at NewAir have sent out a few of these refrigerators to other bloggers and vloggers to try them out but These Brew Dudes, well, they try harder.

Take a look at this video we shot where we show off this thing and talk about its features:

What We Liked About It

If you are looking for a regular sized refrigerator, this is not the unit for you. It is small enough to fit underneath a counter top or bar, which can be seen as a benefit for many.

Some of other benefits include the five beverage racks that you can configure in different ways. We took out some of them to fit our larger bottles inside so that they could fit upright.

It has a glass door so you can see in without opening it. This feature comes in handy when you’re keep track of your purchases.

The last thing, which I didn’t really put much weight towards but now i am totally buying into, is the lock. You can lock the fridge door with a key. Not that I have an issue with people stealing my beer at this point in time, but I do have kids and they will be teenagers sooner than I realize. Sorry, kids.

How We’re Going To Use The AB1200B

Again, we don’t can our homebrew yet so our beer is in bottles but as I wrote above, the racks can be removed to make way for bottles and still afford you with space to put your craft beer cans in there.

The other thing we’re going to do is hook the fridge up to our Johnson Controller and set the temp to lager fermentation temperatures. I have never brewed a one gallon batch a lager before. This fridge will allow me to do that.

Brew ON!