It’s 2015 and it’s time for new beginnings. I chose to start this years video roll with my first mead. I brewed this up a couple months ago. It’s been aging since then. Now it’s free to run wild!!!

This recipe was nothing more than 6 pounds of orange blossom honey in a total volume of two gallons. I heated the water to 80F to help get things mixed. I added one package of Lavin D47 along with a little yeast nutrient.

Three weeks in primary at 68F then I transferred it into a second fermentor where it sat for two months aging and clearing up. It’s gotten considerably cooler since then. Much of the aging occurred in the mid-50s.

For my first mead I think it came out OK. As we tasted it it seemed like the flavor improved as it “breathed”. Johns opinion was that small meads like this do tend to need a little time to evolve. It certainly improved as it warmed up. Maybe some more time in the bottle will change it some more.

In the end the mead is less important that the new year. Here at Brew-Dudes we are ramping up for a new year of videos and blog content. As always we love your comments and we are always open to suggestions for new content.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for sticking with us.
Here’s to good brewing for us all in 2015!

Mike and John