Last week, we posted a video that showed off all the equipment we use to brew one gallon batches. They may be a little different from what you use so we thought it was important to present what we had in our arsenal and some information about how we use each piece.

Most noteworthy, the video had a bit of a catch at the end – we put it out to the audience to vote on a hop variety for us to use in our how-to-brew one gallon batch video.  If you stay tuned long enough, you would have seen that there was a choice between three varieties.

Watch this rare solo John video and get the low down on the results.

Now for the rest of the story.

The Varieties

I have 4 one ounce patches of these varieties of hops:

Mandarina Bavaria




These were the next pouches to get used in my one gallon batch SMaSH project and I thought it would be interesting to get people’s input on which ones should be used first and should be profiled in the how-to video. Also, the reasons we were putting together videos that explain how we do our one gallon batches was based on user input,  Separately we got a suggestion to make a SMaSH with Mandarina Bavaria hops. These two touch points led to the idea of asking for more conversation with our viewers.

The Vote

So, we compiled all the votes and people mostly posted comments on our YouTube video which was nice and easy.  There were a few people who emailed us or tweeted us – again, these were all valid methods to vote. Looking at all the votes, two varieties were pretty close, one was a distant third, and one that was totally forgotten because it got no votes!

Because it got no votes at all, Waimea came in last place.  I don’t think people knew how to spell the name of the hops so they didn’t vote for them.

Next, one that came in third place was Galaxy hops. They may be suffering from the familiarly effect. We are seeking some strange, amirite?

Coming in second place, Manadrina Bavaria had a strong vote but I wonder if people thought they were not exotic enough. Finally, Jarrylo seemed to have it in the bag since it sounds/appears to be the most interesting of the bunch.  It got the most votes of the three varieties. People want to know what hops that taste like bananas taste like.

What’s Next?

Now that we have our winner, we will be brewing with them this weekend and making a video that documents the process. It’s going to be great.

For those who voted for the non-winners, don’t fret. I will be brewing one gallon batches with those varieties too.  Your patience will be rewarded.

Brew on!

While you are at it, comment below with your hop variety thoughts.