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Honey Wheat Ale Shopping List

Time to start up the ol’ brew log again.  The next brew session will be for the honey wheat ale.  I reviewed my recipe and I am putting together my shopping list.  Here it goes:

4.5 pounds of American 2-row Malt
4.5 pounds of Wheat Malt
1 pound of Honey Malt
White Labs WLP001 California Ale
Rice Hulls

I was going to get some light caramel malt but I am going to keep it simple.  Honey malt will be my specialty malt.

I was going to buy some hops for flavoring, but I have some Columbus left over from the pale ale brew session.  I think I am just going to bitter with them and let the honey/wheat flavor dominate.

This brew will be a cautiously experimental beer.  It’s more of an exercise of learning the value of honey malt than anything else.

Brew On.

P.S.  If I have enough left over on the gift certificate, then I was planning to buy a secondary fermentation vessel…a glass carboy with a stopper…and I guess another airlock.


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  1. Winn

    Just thought I’d share that I also have a Honey Wheat going right now — mine’s just finishing up.

    I added all the honey at the end of the boil, though I only used 1.375lb rather than 2lb. I just took a FG measurement today, and I made it from 1.067 to 1.011, so I’m thinking the yeast was still hungry after getting through the honey :-).

    Here’s my brew log (with link to full recipe printout):

  2. Winn

    I just realized that you had decided not to use honey at all, and just the Honey Malt… so disregard the part of my last comment about the 2lbs. I decided to do both, since I wanted to maximize my chance at a good honey flavor.

    Are you planning to do a protein rest for the wheat malt, or are you concerned about harming head retention? I opted for a very brief protein rest (less than 10 minutes), and then an infusion of boiling water to get it up to mashing temperatures.

    I’ll report back as to honey flavor when I’m bottling later this week or next weekend… though I guess it’ll be hard to know how much came from the honey malt and how much from the honey.

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