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Although I have been brewing since 2005, there are many things that I just haven’t done yet within the hobby.  Next week, I plan to accomplish these new-to-me things:

  • Brew with Pale Chocolate malt
  • Brew with Lactose
  • Divide the sweet stout into 4 different secondary “tanks” for different flavor additives
  • Use the WLP008 yeast strain

I guess that’s why brewing is so interesting as a hobby.  It seems like there so much to it and it’s hard to get bored.  I wonder if people who have been brewing for over 30 years feel like there is still more to learn.

Learn and do.

Learn and do.

Next week, I will have some photos/recaps of the two brew sessions.  Hmmm, I should start making my yeast starters this weekend.




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  1. Cory

    It’s interesting that some people try new things for 30 years and other people just do the same thing for 30 years and neither get bored.

  2. I think its always good to try new things and I don’t mind too much if things don’t turn out as I originally hoped, its all experimenting and along the way you are bound to create a few gems 🙂
    I’ve been fairly active in my trying of new things, though maybe I could try some different yeasts and do a Lager sometime. An Imperial IPA should go on the list and a Barley Wine. You have a few years on me as I only started with Kits in Jan 2009 working my way through Extract and finally to Full Mash beers, a while after that I got a Job in a local brewery in 2010 and just now (2011) my first commercial recipe has been brewed at work.
    I see no end in sight to my brewing enjoyment.

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