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Happy New Year From Brew Dudes

The Brew Dudes brought in the new year with some homebrewed beer.  Here’s a video of the dudes enjoying and discussing Mike’s Extra Special Bitter:

If you want to learn more about the beer, follow these links:

ESB Recipe

ESB Tasting Notes

Happy New Year. Here’s to a happy 2008.


Blending Yeasts


Oatmeal Stout Brew Session


  1. LB

    Mike’s apparently in the witness protection program? let me bring you a light next time! Let me produce for you!

  2. Hey,

    We like our low budget look. We aren’t selling out to some big fancy Hollywood producer.

    I think we captured the feeling of two guys drinking on the back patio at 2 o’clock in the morning.

  3. What do you know about lighting you’re an audio guy?!?! Doesn’t lighting fall under “visual”?

    Yeah 2 guys on a frozen patio and one guy can’t even remember how he brewed his own friggin beer! That’s us man.

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