When you start a project and you know it will take at least 3 years to complete, you don’t really have a strong idea of when that day will come when you can finally taste the end result of all your efforts. I took it one day at a time. Well, more like put the beer out of my sight so I could ignore it until I needed to do something with it. We blended the three different sour beers of three different ages and combined it to make this beer. This video shows off these Brew Dudes first Gueuze tasting:

Gueuze Style and Notes

I think the biggest things we kept in mind as we blended this beer together was that we wanted to make sure that the best flavors were going to be in the final beer. Even though the process we took to get the blend right had structure, we still needed to bring some art to the project. The final blend was a little less science and more of a feel as I did not want to bring in too much of the two year sour beer into the gueuze.

From what I read, the style should be balanced, pleasantly sour, and refreshing. With the new wave of American wild ales, I think there is a level of sour that we are looking for in these types of beers. I was looking to bring some sour, some barnyard, maybe some fruit, and a whole lot of carbonation. I got the right bottles and the corks to handle it!

Overall, I am happy of this beer and proud of the patience that I practiced throughout. Sometimes I thought I wouldn’t see the end of the line, not for any specific reason, just three years is a long time and stuff could go wrong. Ok, maybe that’s just me being morbid.

For you, the reader, I say take your homebrewing practice and instill a long game to it. You should have something sitting around waiting to be excellent at some point in the near future.

Brew ON!