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Franco-Belges Kiln Coffee Malt

Since I will be waiting around for a while (at least two weeks) for my pale ale to carb up in the bottles, I have time to research and write about some ingredients.  One that caught my eye was Franco-Belges Kiln Coffee Malt.  Any malt that has two countries in the name has to be interesting.   This malt is roasted and described as a lighter version of Weyermann’s Carafa malt.   Some sources stated that it was similar to Brown malt, but homebrewers on forums did not agree.  Nor do I, for the record.

Some homebrewers debated the strength of the coffee flavor and aroma.  I think you may need to brew it for yourself to taste and smell and make your decisions

Flavor: Coffee, some dark roast flavors

Color: 150 to 180°L – Dark brown hues

Body: No mentions of body building in the descriptions I found, but I am pretty sure it would add a little heft to your beer.

Use:  Most sources said adding it to your stout, porter, Scottish ale, or dark Belgian style beer recipe wouldn’t be a bad thing.  No more than 5% of your total grist is recommended.

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  1. James Golovich

    This just reminded me that I picked up a pound of this from northern brewer a while back when I had a gift certificate to blow. I still haven’t tried it out yet, but it smells and tastes good.

    Whenever I get around to it I’m planning on using it in a porter

  2. After researching this malt, I may need to pick up a pound myself.

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