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Fourth of July Beer Review

When Mike posted his plan to make a Red, Wheat, and Blue beer array for his 4th of July party, there were a few readers who wanted an update.

The three beers were kegged and held in Mike’s converted garbage barrel.  The taps were lined up like the colors in the flag…from left to right…red, wheat, and blue.

The strawberry wheat had good fruit flavor but no vibrant red/pink color from the berries.  Mike said that the strawberries were a ghostly white at the bottom of the secondary vessel, but where all the color went is a mystery.

The plain ol’ wheat was a refreshing American style wheat beer.  Mike said it didn’t have enough wheat flavor for his liking, but it had shaped up very nicely for the party.

The blueberry wheat had a lot of purple-ly blue color, but little fruit flavor.  It was interesting to see how the two fruit wheat beers differed.

For the full roundup of the brewing technique for these beers, read Mike’s Red, Wheat, and Blue post.


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  1. any pics of the beers?

  2. I’ll ask Mike if he can take some pictures of the beers.

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