We continue the new hop SMASH beer journey with El Dorado hops. Be sure to check our our previous SMASH review of Mosaic Hops.

My first impression of the aroma from the El Dorado SMaSH beer was candied ginger and candied orange peel. It was unique and inviting. I also pulled some raspberry notes as it had a darker fruit character. Underneath it all was the sense of fresh cut grass.

The bitterness from these hops was very mild. For 15% AA hop, it was very surprising. The bitterness was slightly resiny but it did not linger like other super dank American hops. It was certainly nothing like the bitterness we got from Mosaic hops.

The flavor of these hops carried through with the cut grass taste. There was still a pleasant citrus and berry flavor that I more described as a raspberry lime rickey thing. It was sort of sweet but driven by a distinct green citrus flavor.

Commercially these hops are hyped up to be strong in tropical and stone fruit with maybe some pear or watermelon notes. I can sort of see that interpretation after the fact, but my palate really leaned more towards a berry and citrus complement, rather than mangos or papaya.

Overall though, we found the hop to be very pleasant and unique. As it warmed we were drawn back in for more. The aroma seemed to change a little each time you sniffed it. I’d wouldn’t use this hop all by itself again. But, like our Mosaic experience, it would be a great complement for blending with other varieties.

Again, the hop schedule for this SMaSH beer was as follows:

1 ounce of hops for a 1 gallon batch.

.25 ounce at 60 minutes to go in the boil.
Another quarter of an ounce at 10 minutes to go in the boil.
A quarter of an ounce at flame out
The remaining .25 ounce was added to the fermentor with 3 days to go in fermentation.

What say you? Have any experience with El Dorado hops?

Be sure to leave a comment and let’s us know what you think.