I have a few meads that have been conditioning in secondary vessels for a couple of months now. In the past, my meads have cleared up after a few weeks’ rest. With the summer coming on and the need for clean carboys increasing, I plan to jump start the process of clarifying mead.

Now given enough time, these meads should clear on their own. I am not sure about that. I did use raw, unfiltered honey and there may be a large number of particles that are in my mead that wouldn’t be if my honey was filtered.

Plus, this situation gives me an opportunity to experiment.

If I had some sparkolloid, I would use that stuff. What I have instead is gelatin and bentonite.

I have two meads that I want to clarify. One is a small portion of the larger mead. I took a gallon and add an oak spiral to it. Go here to read more about my latest mead flavoring experiments.

Clarifying Mead Making Mead Clear

The photos above are what my meads look like now. They are sort of hazy. To gather as much information as possible, I am going to use gelatin in one and bentonite in the other. Let’s see which agent is better at making particles settle out of these meads.

I plan to add the agents to these meads this weekend and then report on the findings.

Here are the results of the experiment.