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Chelmsford Pale Ale Brew Day

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7:47 PM – Crushing some specialty grains the old fashioned way – with a bag and a rolling pin.

Crushing Grains with pin Crushing Grains

8:38 PM – Heated water to 163 degrees to reach our strike temp of 152. Using 1.25 quarts of water to 1 pound of grain ratio (10.75 x 1.25 = 13.4375 quarts), we rounded up to 4 gallons just in case we need more hot water to make our strike temp.  We didn’t make the temp (145) so we add more water which made for a thinner mash. We did finally reach a strike temp of 150…which we were happy with.

Brew Set up  Brew Table  Mash Tun interior

We put boiling water into the tun to heat it up before the mash started.

Mash Tun Exterior   Mash Tun Steaming  Pouring in the grain

11:17 PM – We batch sparged and it got stuck.  The mill they had at the homebrew shop may have grinded the malt a little too fine.  Stirring the bed and blowing back on the tube help us to collect enough wort.  23 minutes to go on the boil.

Chelmsford Pale Ale Boil

11:58 PM – The boil ended at 11:35 PM.  We have been chilling and chilling.  I have started the clean up and brought the yeast down.  I need to prepare the fermenter and we’ll be done.

Looks like the final gravity is 1.050.  Not bad at all.

1:04 AM – The brew session is done.  I have more photos and a few videos I need to post….but it will have to be tomorrow.

The brew session went well.   I’ll have a wrap up tomorrow (which is really later on today) to discuss what went right and what didn’t go so right.

Brew On!


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  1. Is the Rogue beer authentic or a bottle used for homebrew? Either way, good show!!!!


  2. Its real Rogue beer. No homebrew was harmed in the making of these videos.

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